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Oct 26 2019
Model Interview: Marcos Enrique Mejia Comments (0)

Image015(Image by Jahmar Amani for Modus Vivendi)

On Friday, I posted the new Animal Line shoot from Modus Vivendi. Learn more about one of the models, Marcos Enrique Mejia, here:

Wearing Modus Vivendi how it makes you feel?

Best and toughest parts of being a model?
Toughest: Long hours. Best: Meeting new people and seeing yourself in ads or magazines.

What genre of music best describes you?
Latin/reggae/hip-hop. Hard to choose only one.

Reading the Modus Vivendi values, which one appeals to you?
Diversity — be yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks. Don’t ever be afraid to be different.

How often do you work out? Any dietary secrets for us?
Five times a week. No secrets just work hard and stay consistent and have a plan and goals. Consume enough protein, and eat whole foods

What your favorite type of underwear? Which MV piece you love?
Anything that fits comfortably and is a soft material. The MV leopard piece from my shoot was dope.

What’s your life moto?
Simplest and most effective quote from Nike: Just do it. Don’t overthink and get it done.

How is street fashion in Miami?
Very diverse. Miami is a melting pot of cultures so it’s always changing.

Who or what inspires you?
My mom and family inspire me. Also books and inspiring people/motivational figures.

Are you currently seeing someone? What do you value in a partner?
Yes. I value empathy, passion, respect and trust as very important in a relationship.