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Oct 08 2019
All's Well That End Falwell + Trump's Betrayal Of The Kurds + SCOTUS To Decide If You Can Be Fired For Being LGBTQ + Madonna Postpones + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Raise your hand if you would.

BELOW: Keep reading for the all-important LGBTQ case before the SCOTUS, Ellen's controversial friendship and more...

DuoGiancarlo Granda (L), who met the Falwells as a pool boy, wound up a partner (Image via social media)

MIAMI HERALD: Jerry Falwell Jr. has settled a court case over his sleazy Miami venture with an adorable pool boy.

NEWSWEEK: A leak has claimed that Trump's sudden abandonment of the Kurds was due to Turkey informing him that they were invading — and that spineless Trump rolled over.

ADVOCATE: The AMA urges the SCOTUS to decide wisely when it comes to gay rights.

FORBES: “What Kind of America Is This If Being Gay or Transgender Can Get You Fired?”

NEWSWEEK: Betsy DeVos? Lock. Her. Up.

BILLBOARD: Madonna had to postpone one of her NYC shows, hours before she was set to go on, due to a nagging knee injury she's been nursing all along. She's giving it her all on this tour, and the show is spectacular — I really hope she can muster through. She has something like another 70 shows.

TOWLEROAD: Ellen is not our enemy, but she Bush_degenereshas blinders on if she thinks it's okay to be buddies with George W. Bush. It's not the same as being friendly with your Republican neighbor, he's a war criminal and anti-gay discrimination was hammered into many state constitutions under his presidency. We almost lost marriage equality forever because of him. Not a pal.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Legs for days weeks.

MermaidGlad she isn't Ursula in he live-action movie at least. (Image via ABC)

DLISTED: Ursula the closeted.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: A New York City man who spends hours on the corner of 9th Ave. and 57th St. camping it up in the name of LGBTQ visibility was insulted by a passerby who destroyed his sign. There's video, and there's a hate crimes investigation.

Screen-shot-2019-10-07-at-9-54-820x430Anthony Dolci is a good witch. (Image via video still)

THE HILL: Samuel Little is now considered the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, having confessed to over 90 murders over the course of 35 years.

PITCHFORK: All the best songs of the 2010s ... and I'd be hard-pressed to hum most of them, gulp.

Rihanna-WorkThis one, I know! (Image via Roc Nation)