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Oct 11 2019
RIVERDALE VPL + Jack Reynor's Rump + Trump Loses Tax Appeal + Giuliani: International Gangster + Kill The Gays: The Sequel + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A brand-new Day.

BELOW: Keep reading for Riverdale's VPL, dirty Rudy Giuliani, Trump has lost his appeal (I'll say) and more ...

Giphy-5Stand in visible penis line. (GIF via MrMan)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Riverdale is showing VPL on network TV.

GQ: Let's end "are you masc?"

Jack-reynor-strange-angel-5Jack-off material (Image via CBS)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Ogle Jack Reynor's plump ass. Again.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Ethiopia's PM, Abiy Ahmed, snatched the Nobel Peace Prize from Trump.

HUFF POST: Giuliani not only lunched with NYDN parvas frumanParnas and Fruman immediately before they attempted to flee the country to Vienna (and were arrested), he also was planning a Vienna trip. Please arrest Giuliani. He apparently met with Trump and Tillerson in 2017 in the Oval Office and demanded a jailed client — an Iranian-Turkish gold trader — be freed as part of a Turkish prisoner swap.

POLITICO: Trump confident senators will quash impeachment, but ... maybe not?

POLITICO: Trump loses battle to keep taxes from Dems.

BUZZFEED: Even the late Prince hates Trump.

NYT: Marie L. Yovanovitch, the Ambassador to the European Union, was ordered by the State Department not to testify on the Ukraine matter — but she is doing so now anyway.

KENNETH IN THE (212): You're buying what he's selling.

THOMAS REUTERS FOUNDATION NEWS: Uganda is planning a bill to impose death penalty on those who commit gay sex. Yes, this is not an old article, they're reviving their "Kill the Gays" bill. Why now? Trump will wink.

A&U: I'm proud of my budy Abdi Nazemian, who has landed an A&U cover for his Like a Love Story.

October19-COVER-696x899Like a cover story (Image by Tommy Wu/A&U)