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Nov 30 2019
Ends Of The World: Cut-For-Time SNL Sketch Is A Crack Attack Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 5.40.38 PMThis is the Yang Gang I wanna join. (Image via video still)

The Will Ferrell episode of SNL was okay, but I felt the two long political sketches (including the cold open) left it feeling comedy-light.

Since it aired a week ago, SNL has released FOUR cut-for-time sketches, most of which are pretty hilarious, including this sexy take-off on the movie So Fine (okay, the movie's so old the people who wrote the sketch probably have no clue) — it gives us the opportunity to check out the cracks of Bowen Yang, Kyle Mooney (I always find him so hot when he's done up American Psycho-style) and Alex Moffat ...