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Nov 10 2019
Instant Queer Icon Jordan Steffy: Bullied Gay Teen Fights Back Comments (0)

Jordan-800Bet you anything the bully's parents are proud of him. (Image via video still)

Via Instinct: Making major waves online Friday and through the weekend has been the story of Jordan Steffy, a gay teen who was sick of being bullied and called “faggot” — so he kicked his bully's ass.

In a video that's since been viewed millions of times, Steffy confronts a kid who is calling him names, winding up beating him down ...

The video:

It's always good to see a bullied person putting a bully in their place, but the violence is unnerving to me. This is school — where is the teacher? Who is the very adult-sounding person speaking at the end? If it's a teacher, he needs to be fired.

Both boys were suspended, but I think the message was clear — don't mess with Jordan, and think twice about messing with any LGBTQ people. Some of us do fight back.

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