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Nov 26 2019
LAST FERRY: The Sexy Gay Thriller MrMan Urges You To See Comments (0)

Two of MrMan's favorite things are Fire Island and gay thrillers, and it’s not that often they are combined.

Guess what? With Last Ferry and its cast of shirtless studs, the universe has delivered. Ogle them below ...

Last Ferry, a gay thriller in which a vacay goes horribly astray, offers gorgeous cinematography, murder and hot men. What more do you need? 

Last Ferry is about a gay lawyer who goes to Fire Island for a vacation and to explore his budding sexuality. While he’s there, he witnesses a murder. Someone helps him after he's drugged, but he finds out that his helpful stranger is the killer.

The star of the show is Myles Clohessy, who is shirtless and wearing black undies when he is put to bed by two shirtless hotties played by Sheldon Best and Ramón Olmos Torres. Sheldon and Ramón make out shirtless in the shower — a hot gay scene that will make you as wet as the shower makes them.

You'll also probably get very excited to see Henry Ayres-Brown baring his buns when he lies naked on his stomach in bed.

When's the last ferry? Who cares? You'll want to stay all night long and see these sexy dudes.