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Nov 06 2019
Madonna Stretches Her Vocal Cords, Knocks 'Em Dead In San Francisco Comments (0)

Fan reports from San Francisco have been universally positive for Madonna, whose Madame X Tour is, I'm tellin' ya, a great work of art. Wish she'd do it on Broadway and get a special Tony for it — it's that good.

Check out this rave from Datebook as you watch her work on her, er, vocal cords. Choice cut:

For the encore song, “I Rise,” the screen behind her came alive with recent news footage of protests and marches in solidarity with the resist movement, but as Madonna sang the verses it became apparent that the song was as much about her as current events: “I managed to survive/ Freedom’s what you choose to do with what’s been done to you.”

The last standing icon from pop’s halcyon days (her closest contemporaries, Michael Jackson, Prince and George Michael each died young) Madonna not only remains alive but she is embracing every moment of her existence.

“Nobody is anybody’s bitch,” she said. “I can’t spell it out any clearer than that.”

She meant it.