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Nov 17 2019
Nancy Pelosi Highlights Trump's Imposter Status, Trump's Own Body Tries To Impeach Him Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 12.37.11 PMI wish she were POTUS. (Image via video still)

Deep-red Louisiana re-elected Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards yesterday by 40,000 votes.

Trump, who had stumped furiously for the Republican, whose name is already confined to the dustbin of history, also slid into Walter Reed months early for a surprise physical examination. The White House lied, saying all was normal — it's not normal for someone to randomly go to the doctor, let alone Trump, who is obsessed with projecting hale and hearty good health. Fox News and others broke ranks and reported chest pains were the culprit.

Meanwhile, these clips of Speaker Pelosi on Face the Nation are gold. The woman is an incredible politician who knows what she is doing, and certainly has Trump's number ...



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