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Nov 29 2019
Sexiest Sk8er Movie EVER Comments (0)

Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual is a Norwegian short film from director Vebjorn Guttørmsgaard Møllberg that combines skateboarding, hot dudes and full-frontal nudity to poetically convey the gay experience. It is without a doubt the sexiest skater movie MrMan has ever seen ...

Actors Tor Erik BøeandSjur Nyvoldare both insanely sexy, and their touching (literally, they touch peens) performances are truly can’t miss. Here are the Top 5 reasons you need to watch Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual:

(1) The film unabashedly celebrates the male form.

(2) Who doesn’t love a tasty treat?

(3) Sword fighting has never looked so sensual.

(4) Actors Tor Erik Bøe and Sjur Nyvold boldly strip down to explore a playful innocence, all the while flirting with explicit masculine lust.

(5) Lots of Penis!