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Nov 12 2019
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Gay & Hot + Gay Country Trailblazer + Nikki Haley Fronts For Trump + Spicer Sent Home On DWTS + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: KJ Apa has a great new spread in Rollacoaster Magazine.

BELONG: His thighs adored you, gay country, Nikki Haley lies for Trump and more ...

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 12.13.17 PMAll roads lead to his anus. (Image via video still)

YOUTUBE: “Every gay man wants to have sex with me!”

SONOMA NEWS: Gay country singer Patrick Haggerty, whose Lavender Country was released 46 years ago, is still performing today.

POSEIDON'S UNDERWORLD: Remembering the long-lost 1971 TV movie Black Noon.

TOWLEROAD: Jake Borelli will star in gay road-trip rom-com, The Thing About Harry.

EJLTaMnWwAAFZ4DActual Trump tweet, circa 2016 (Image via Twitter)

HUFF POST: Nikki Haley's arguments regarding impeachment are weak. First, she says Trump merely tried to commit an impeachable offense, but failed. (Many people are in prison today for trying to commit crimes and failing. Ever seen To Catch a Predator?) Second, she says that the election is in less than a year. So is the logic that even if a president commits a crime, if it's close to an election, why botha? Reminds me of the arbitrary calendar Mitch McConnell used when deciding not to allow Obama his final SCOTUS pick.

P.S. Nikki knew Trump was a liar before the election.

GR8ERDAYS (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Remembering Princess Grace, who was born 90 years ago today.

PINK NEWS: Tamar Braxton Sean-spicer-dwtsposts a ridiculous assessment of how a woman can tell if her boyfriend sleeps with men.

BANGKOK POST: Singapore considering challenges to ga-sex ban.

SOCIALITE LIFE: The Trumpers ramped up their support to keep Sean Spicer and his collection of left feet on Dancing with the Stars, but fans banded together and voted his sorry ass off.

EM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Celebrating 25 years of Madonna's Like a Virgin album!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis butt and bulge.

PRIDESOURCE: Director Elizabeth Banks confirms that Kristen Stewart's character in Charlie's Angels is definitely gay. Like Kate Jackson's was in the original. Wait, right?!