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Dec 04 2019
Red-Hot Calendar Guys + Gus Kenworthy Defects + Josh Brolin's Taint + Matthew Camp Of Finland + AJ & THE DRAG QUEEN + MORE! — 12-MORE Comments (0)

ABOVE: Ricky Martin shows off his pinga.

BELOW: Keep reading for sex, impeachment burn, Matthew Camp in uniform and more ...

Les MOTARDS 2020 calendarCalendar guys (Image by Fred Goudon for amfAR)

KENNETH IN THE (212): This new Fred Goudon calendar looks unmissable.

ADVOCATE: Pamela Karlan's impeachment-hearing bitch-slap heard 'round the world.

INSTINCT: Gus Kenworthy is defecting to Team UK.

GiphyWhen your pale asshole is good enough 4 me (GIF via GIPHY)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): A lot of new info about Josh Brolin's puckerhole!

CTV: Mentally ill man who murdered gay-rights advocate Raymond Taavel is granted more freedom.

EK4tRWZXUAA9ZRyIf the uniform almost fits, wear it. (Image via Tom of Finland x Men)

TWITTER: Matthew Camp to star in new Tom of Finland-themed porn series.

YOUTUBE: Netflix drops AJ and the Queen trailer:

DLISTED: Princess Anne and Justin Trudeau were caught gossiping about Trump, causing the Infant-in-Chief to throw a fit, call Justin “two-faced,” cancel a meeting and leave the NATO summit in a tizz. But Princess Anne once told a would-be kidnapper it was “not bloody likely” that she would go anywhere with him, and she also hasn't got the time of day for the Queen herself:

DC HOMOS: Belligerent bottom looking to get his shit wrecked gets thumped by his sassy mom:

VIBE: Billy Dee Williams quietly walks back reports that he is gender fluid.

TWITTER: Andrew Yang is such an idiot. We deserve better:

ABC NEWS: This clown allegedly left a young male relative on the side of the road because he suspected the kid was gay.

E-julmeus-ht-aa-191203_hpMain_4x3_992He couldn't handle the truth. (Haines City Police Dept.)