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Dec 10 2019
Philip McKeon, Tommy On ALICE, Dies @ 55 Comments (0)

87539fe529ff77f9296c4a5849e58395Philip was a teen idol for a decade. (Image via pinup)

Philip McKeon, who played Tommy on Alice (1976-1985), and who was the big brother of fellow actor Nancy McKeon, died Tuesday at 55 following what is being described as a long illness.

His spokesperson, Jeff Ballard, said:

We are all beyond heartbroken and devastated over Phil’s passing. His wonderful sense of humor, kindness and loyalty will be remembered by all who crossed his path in life.

How sad! The surviving cast members of Alice are Alice Hyatt herself, Linda Lavin, 82; Polly “Flo” Holliday, 82; and Flo replacements Diane Ladd, 84; and Celia Weston, 67.

Full obit here.