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Dec 11 2019
Puerto Vallarta Sheraton Is Anti-Gay + 10-Year Challenges: New Bod, Old Attitudes? + Trump Decrees Jews Are Foreigners + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Counting down the days.

BELOW: Puerto Vallarta Sheraton is anti-gay, Trump thinks Jews are all foreigners, THIS is what friends are for and more ...

Gay-Life-in-Canada-InterviewRimer left at the altar by the Sheraton (Image via

TOWLEROAD: Canadian influencer told by Puerto Vallarta Sheraton it won't host his gay wedding 'cause it's a gay wedding.

THE CONVERSATION: Do those 10-year challenges foster anti-femme and other body-negativity feelings? I don't know, but the link led me to the above meme, which is hilarouthhhh.

POLITICO: Nancy Pelosi is the only one doing any presidenting.

NYP: Youth minister who smacked female reporter's butt during live telecast stands accused of inappropriately touching (the spank) and also grabbing her in that moment. Her face in the video is the best evidence that she isn't blowing things out of proportion. P.S. He's now saying he touched her back, 0*dkGwS3JzAYGvkw7fbut isn't sure where. Yeah.

MEDIUM: The Queer Eye Japanese episodes were not just ill-conceived, they were awash in harmful tropes, images and encounters — so writes Steven Wakabayashi.

NYT: This is Hitler Time — Trump is signing an executive order ostensibly to battle anti-Semitism ... but really to take action against protests that affect the government of Israel, two separate things. In so doing, he's going to declare Judaism a nationality. So, Jews are foreigners. What's next?!

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Dancer-actor Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello gets fully nude onstage.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 12.02.44 PMTennis face (Image via Instagram Stories)


BBC: Don't miss Circus of Books on Netflix this spring. It's the best my-parents-were-porn-titans doc ever:

_110077717_raid976Mom, Dad, there's a guy here to see you ... (Image via Karen Mason)

ABC NEWS: Never in my life have I seen a mother place a baby that age on a fucking counter, let alone while trying to buy a gun. Priorities:

GR8ERDAYS: Dionne Warwick sang at Le Chalet at L'Avenue at Saks Tuesday night to promote her Dionne Warwick & the Voices of Christmas album. Her granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott showed up for two duets, one of which had the room roaring its approval — the AIDS-charity #1 “That's What Friends Are For.”