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Dec 04 2019
You're Welcome: L'Homme Invisible's Latest Looks Comments (0)

2019-08-18-Ambiance 2019-02 delivery 2-6208Top 3 and final image: Steve Farmer by Sandeep Sahni for L'Homme Invisible

L'Homme Invisible loves to offer menswear that leaves only just enough to the imagination — but only just ...

2019-08-18-Ambiance 2019-02 delivery 2-6234

Looking at some of their newest stuff, let's start with the Colby Collection, baroque-inspired men's lace underwear. These items are pretty much barely there:

2019-08-18-Ambiance 2019-02 delivery 2-6121

The Calliste Collection from L'Homme Invisible is made of fine microfibre, and is printed in France. The print is described as looking like an enchanted garden, and this model definitely has a nice patch growing:

Calliste Ambiance *2019-11-03-Ambiance HI Wroclaw-8986This and next 2 images: Michael Komarnick @michal.poprostu by Sandeep Sahni for L'Homme Invisible

The same model tries the Seamless Bodysuit on for size:

2019-11-03-Ambiance HI Wroclaw-9069

And here he is in the Malo White Sleepsuit, ina Marinière style:


Steve also models the Sleepsuit, this time the Saint Malo Navy Sleepsuit:

2019-08-18-Ambiance 2019-02 delivery 2-5738