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Jan 24 2020
Derek Theler's Butt Show + Lil Nas X's Sex Life + Bernie Embraces Joe Rogan Praise, Gets Scorched + MEAN GIRLS Forever + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Poor guy forgot to do up his pants.

BELOW: Keep reading for Theler's booty-ful side, Bernie's embrace of Joe Rogan, another Mean Girls movie and more ...

War is hell yeah! (Image via Paramount Network)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Derek Theler doesn't show you his butthole, but he at least shows you his whole butt in the war series '68 Whiskey.

ABC NEWS: “Take her out!” Trump bellows in recording. He's talking about Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, and is talking to — among others — Lev Parnas. The guy he suddenly does not know.

Save a horse, ride a cowboyfriend! (Image via Paramount Network)

NEWNOWNEXT: Lil Nas X is too busy for a boyfriend. Funny, I remember as a kid reading things like Whitney is too busy for a boyfriend and it always meant Whitney is a lesbian. Now, with Nas being openly gay, I guess it just means he's fucking busy.

Worst-cat-perdita-01A forever home is needed for this forever jerk. (Image via animal rescue)

SOCIALITE LIFE: My name is Perdita. I'll be your mistress ... meet the world's biggest A-hole of a cat.

NEWSWEEK: I keep thinking that the moment a President Bernie Sanders reaches across the aisle or does anything perceived as being against his biggest fans' beliefs, they would rage against him as hard as they have against Bernie-Sanders-Joe-Rogan his detractors; I really think a % of his support is that thin-skinned because it's fluffed up by people who are not pragmatic AT ALL and who see him as messianic. This doesn't mean I won't vote for him, but if it comes to that, I kinda doubt I would be as angry with him as his own supporters in a situation like the one I'm describing, even though I don't really like this guy as much as I like his policies.

I just didn't expect it to happen prior to the primary ending! And in such a weird way.

Sanders has made no bones at all about saying we have to engage Trump voters, and has excused their racism, chalking their views up to rightful indignation over their lot in life under the system. So why are so many on the left appalled that he is touting an apparent endorsement from loud-mouth radio host Joe Rogan? (Truthfully — I am shocked to learn that Rogan considers himself a progressive, he's such a boorish, homophobic douche.)

Some are comparing Bernie's enthusiastic acceptance of Rogan's support as being tantamount to accepting a David Duke endorsement. No, not really. There's not comparison between an A-hole and someone who believes in an an entire, formal system of tyranny.

This reminds me of when gay bloggers trashed Obama over Donnie McClurkin. I can't say I like Rogan at all, but the flap from Sanders stans over this is short-sighted.

It's the politics, stupid.

MEAN-GIRLS-MUSICALLindsay Lohan is totally cameo as a teacher. (Image via

HUFF POST: Tina Fey still goes here — Mean Girls: The Musical will get a movie version.

TWITTER: I will never, ever stop wondering why in the fuck people worry so hard about other people not speaking English when it has zero impact on them. This isn't someone you're talking to about your mortgage refusing to speak English, this is two college kids chatting. But this angry wench does provide an insight by blathering on that the bus system is not up to her standards, and she believes that it caters to students ... some of whom are foreign. In explaining herself, she's explaining to herself why her reaction is bigotry, even though she claims it isn't:

Appallingly, the white cop who showed up asked the students for their documents — but not the white man who so eloquently defended them.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Speaking of bad cops, the vice cops who arrested Stormy Daniels were just fired for it.

Save a horse, ride a cowboyfriend! (Image via Paramount Network)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Here's to the laddies who munch — a booty-ful Gloss cover, and more covers of the week.

GR8ERDAYS: Celeb b'days today include Sharon Tate, the spiritual star of one of the year's biggest hits.

EXTRATV: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita are expecting their first child.

TWITTER:  In case you needed reminding, “incredible dancer, actress, just, human being” Julianne Hough is a fucking lunatic: