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Feb 28 2020
AL BERTO: In Praise Of Hairy Guys Comments (0)

Silhouette dreams (Images via MrMan)

Another recommendation from MrMan: If you want hairy, gay, Portuguese men, then look no further than MrMan's new favorite foreign film with lots of gay action … Al Berto.


The year is 1975, and after political unrest in Portugal, a budding writer named Al Berto (Ricardo Teixeira) has a coming-of-age summer during which he does a lot of cumming. He returns to his hometown in Portugal after studying painting in Belgium and falls in love with his country ... and with a sexy man.

That all-over-his-body 'fro, though

Two become one

What's hot sex without the kissing?

He meets a guy played by José Pimentão, and these two cannot keep their hands off of each other. It's not hard to see why. Both of them are so sexy in that hairy '70s way. Beards, shaggy hair and chest hair have MrMan drooling — as do their dicks when they are silhouetted on the beach at night.

They have a summer worth writing about — which Al does. Al Berto was actually a real person, and this summer did inspire his first book: A Procura do Vento num Jardim d'Agosto. Based on his scenes with José, it's easy to see where his inspiration came from.

Watch all the gay action from Al Berto to see what we’re talking about.