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Feb 02 2020
Wrestler's Abs Go Viral + Dua Lipa Gets PHYSICAL + Gaga Lip-Synch Shames J.Lo, Shakira + Bernie's Campaign: Thumbs-Up To BOOS + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That color suits him.

BELOW: Keep reading for a wrestler to die for, Bernie's campaign manager embraces the BOOS, black “girl” magic, a pro armpit sniffer and more ...

Son-hechan-vogue-korea-shirtless-wrestler-boycultureHe even makes himself wet. (Image by Mok Jung Wook for Vogue Korea)

VOGUE KOREA: Wrestler Son HeChan's washboard ... everything ... is going viral for Vogue Korea.

PAPER: Dua Lipa gets “Physical.”

Dwayne-bensing-boycultureBensing: DOE trans discrimination “against everything we do.” (Image via ACLU of Delaware)

LGBTQ NATION: Gay lawyer Dwayne Bensing says he lost his Department of Education position in retaliation for being the whisteblower who exposed how the agency was violating protocols in order to move against trans rights — all to mollify a hate group.

GR8ERDAYS: Farrah would've turned 73 today.

TWITTER: Apparently insecure that she isn't the star of the moment at the Super Bowl, Gaga randomly decided to call out J.Lo and Shakira at her Super Saturday Night performance last night, declaring:

I better hear no lip-synching tomorrow!

(Hear lip-synching?) Later, she sent love to both performers. This vibes totally with her mean-girl mentor Elton John's lip-synch real good slam to Madonna in 2012.

MASHABLE: This queen sniffs guys' pits for a living and pretends he has no fetish. Girl, we see you. We smell you.

Whiff this:

GAY TIMES: Some of Nubia-drag-bebe-zahara-benet-bob-vixen-boyculturethe RuPaul's Drag Race drag queens of color — namely, BeBe Zahara Benet, Bob the Drag Queen, Monique Heart, Peppermint, the Vixen and Shea Couleé —have joined forces ffor NUBIA, a drag celebration of black excellence. So say they:

This all-new show is a celebration of opulence, regality, and pure, unadulterated Black excellence. Featuring five of the most celebrated Queens in drag herstory, NUBIA is a live out loud, show-stopping extravaganza thrown directly in the face of racial division and political divisiveness.

Tickets HERE.

BBC: Maniacal anti-LGBTQ Tanzanian leader banned from the U.S.

EXTRATV: Assange buddy Pamela Anderson and her Trump-loving husband Jon Peters are calling it off — after 12 days. This idiot has had several marriages last under a year.

EXTRATV: RIP Mary Higgins Clark!

Dem-poll-boycultureSanders and Yang say it's important how you talk to people when it comes to Trump voters. How about talking to your own goddamn supporters about this?! (Image via MSNBC)

TWITTER: Rep. Tlaib (D-Michigan) has sorta apologized for booing Hillary Clinton in Iowa. Then, Bernie Sanders's campaign manager applauded her for it:

Faiz-bernie-sanders-tlaib-boycultureThis is a bad look. (Image via Twitter)

INSTAGRAM: Porn star Max Adonis wants you to vote, and his butt is a part of the political process. (What do you think of Warren/ass?)

Max-Adonis-boycultureHow would Max's butt do in the Iowa Cock-Ass? (Image via Instagram)