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Feb 07 2020
You're Welcome: Erik For Bodytorium Comments (0)

Covered guy (All images by Phil Dlab/Bodytorium)

Bodytorium has a slew of beautiful, sexy images — I recommend you check it out.

Erik-MAL_9999 boyculture

The latest shoot is of so-called alpha male Erik ...

Erik-MAL_9901 boyculture

Via press release from shooter Phil Dlab:

Erik, 22, is aErik-MAL_9811 boyculture calisthenics athlete and a sports college student in Bratislava. His life mainly revolves around sports, good food and women. On the surface, Erik is very much a “typical guy.” He knows what he likes and goes after what he likes. He doesn’t waste time.

We met almost four years ago through a mutual friend at my housewarming party. We spent time together at several sporting events but haven’t stayed in touch recently.

Erik was reluctant to pose nude at first (I contacted him last spring and he gave me a bit of a cold shoulder.) I tried recruiting him once more recently and luckily he agreed to go for it, but only after one of his close friends agreed to do it as well.

Things worked out perfectly in the end.


Yeah, Phil. They did!