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Feb 06 2020
MrMan Is Back With Its 6th Annual Manatomy Awards Comments (0)

It’s time for the Manatomy Awards, the only award that shines a spotlight on the past year’s finest naked male achievements in film and on TV. There are over 43 categories and TONS of sexy beefcake and butts. See ALL 43 scenes for FREE, right here.

Let’s celebrate the fine actors who had the balls to go naked … here are some of our faves:

The explosively sexual Sauvage/Wild won Best Picture. This French flick about a love-addicted male escort features full-frontal, real sex acts and even an oversized butt plug. Basically, an instant MrMan classic.

The revival of Tales of the City was hotter and nuder than we could have hoped for, and a clear winner for Best TV Show. Loads of gay nudity with the icing on these cakes being the insanely passionate sex scene between Murray Bartlett and Charlie Barnett.

And the Best Full-Frontal award goes to the handsome Jack Reynor in Midsommar. With his beefy body, natural bush and thick penis, fans of this cult sex-ritual flick will agree that Jack’s on fire. (Wink.)

Ryan O’Connell got to tell his real truth in the groundbreaking series Special, winner of Best Gay Scene. Check out the realistic gay scene where he bottoms for the first time. Real is sexy and this is real sexy.

The Oscars don’t have a Best Sex Robot category ... but MrMan does! The homoerotic romp Life Like delivered a robot programmed to make us horny.

A new category this year is Best Peach Emoji Butt. Who need an emoji when we have the real thing? Finn Cole’s perfect butt epitomizes the peach emoji, making his scene in Animal Kingdom downright … peachy.

Not only is Daniel Craig MrMan's favorite Daddy, he is also the winner of the Lifetime Skinchievement award. Check out his 007-incher as well as a muscular ass that will leave you shaken AND stirred.

There was no more explosive nude scene in 2019 than that lengthy locker room shot on Euphoria. With 21 PENISES, it was the clear winner for Best Locker Room Scene.

Anytime Zac Efron shows his butt, he needs to get an award ... and this one is called Best TedBuns-y. Seeing him as notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was shocking enough, but who could have imagined he’d bare his rock-hard buns during a strip search!?

Our favorite butt of the year belonged to Joshua Orpin, winner of Best Superhero Nudity. His high and tight smooooooth ass on Titans was perfection.

BONUS CONTENT … and by Bonus, we mean Boner! The Best Cum Shot award is for a scene from Under the Rain. After intense blowjobs and anal sex scenes so hot you can practically feel them, we get this year’s most orgasmic cum shot.

See ALL 43 winning scenes for FREE, right here!!!