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Feb 21 2020
Gay MARRIAGE + In Praise Of Straighter Friends + Buttigieg The Bearded + Devastating Bullying Video + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: His back was up against the wall.

BELOW: Keep reading for India's gay rom-com, Buttigieg's beard, an ode to a straight friend that's gone viral, an Australian kid's heart-tugging railing against bullying and more ...

Be-extra-careful-about-marriage-gay-india-rom-com-boycultureNot the marrying kind (Image via video still)

ADVOCATE: India's first-ever gay rom-com — Be Extra Careful About Marriage — is arriving at just the right time.

Adrian-hector-twitter-video-boycultureI wanted to hold hands with my straight BFF in high school. Didn't happen. (Image via Twitter)

LGBTQ NATION: A gay guy's ode to his straight-guy best friend.

YOUTUBE: Interesting seeing Pete Buttigieg on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and realizing that to many Bernie-supporting LGBTQs, these two are the enemy. These two represent the line in the sand between evil and good. Mind-blowing:

KENNETH IN THE (212): A gay blogger realizes LGBTQ people whining that Buttigieg isn't gay enough, and/or isn't the right kind of gay, are not kidding.

ADVOCATE: Director Jim Fall gave Pete Buttigieg facial hair, and people noticed. Some might find this a minor blip in popular culture, but I'm old enough to remember when this:

Clinton-gore-shirtless-gay-boycultureAnyone recall where this originated? Maybe a postcard company?

... seemed to seal the deal on Clinton/Gore.

TOWLEROAD: I wish, when gay people moaned that being gay isn't enough in reference to the intelligent, articulate, thoughtful and — if imperfect — certainly persuadable Pete Buttigieg, they were saying it more loudly in reference to Richard Grenell. This anti-gay gay tool and Trump loyalist is now head of intelligence in the U.S. ... in spite of having zero qualifications. Why? Because the intelligence community told Trump Russia is working to re-elect him, so Trump fired a legit head and replaced him with this gay douchebag.

THE WRAP: RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars is migrating to Showtime. Meanwhile, many of The Old Gays are just watching the show for the first time:

TALKING POINTS MEMO: Trump trashes the Oscars for giving Best Picture to foreign-talkin' Parasite. Parasite's distributor Quaden-hugh-jackman-boyculturepoints out that Trump can't read.

SOCIALITE LIFE: I've seen — we've all seen — so many sad videos about bullying, but watching Quaden Bayles vowing to kill himself over bullying is just devastating. Public figures are trying to uplift the bereft 9-year-old by sending him to Disneyland.

EXTRATV: Janet Jackson posted a lovely tribute to her friend and former co-star Ja'Net DuBois in the wake of the actress's sudden death, just weeks after her radiant appearance at the Hollywood Show in Burbank.

DLISTED: Emmy Rossum looks amazingly like Angelyne on the set of her new series about the pop icon, but she also inadvertently makes the case that perhaps Amanda Bynes would've been ideal casting.

GR8ERDAYS: Peter McEnery of Disney's The Moon-Spinners — and the very un-Disney Entertaining Mr. Sloane — is 80 today. His hotness, documented.

Peter-McEnery-shirtless-gay-Entertaining-Sloane-boyculture-gr8erdaysPeter, Peter, Peter! (Image via movie still)