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Feb 17 2020
Luke Evans's Love Affair Goin' Strong + Coachella, Catholic Schools Still = Anti-LGBTQ + Stephen Miller Weds + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Frosting on top.

BELOW: Keep reading for more Luke Evans drool, why Coachella is still anti-LGBTQ, Catholic-school teachers who got sacked, Chaka Khan vs. the national anthem and more ...

Rafael-olarra-luke-evans-hawaii-shirtless-gay-boycultureValentines, gay (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Luke Evans's foxy boyfriend has returned the favor, posted a pic of the couple in honor of V-Day.

PINK NEWS: Coachella's billionaire backer Philip Anschutz, after vigorously denying he'd donated to anti-LGBTQ causes in the past — and swearing all such donations would cease once they were proven — gave a million bucks to anti-LGBTQ causes in 2018. Party on, Coachella dimwits.

Danforth-beatty-gay-teachers-seattle-boycultureDanforth (L) and Beatty (R) (Image via screengrab)

CBS NEWS: Students outraged over the firing of two gay teachers sacked by a Catholic school.

PHOENIX NEW TIMES: Prominent anti-LGBTQ right-winger Cathi Herrod, of Arizona, has a daughter who is married to a woman and who works for progressive causes diametrically opposed to everything she fights for. When this was pointed out, both women said they love each other and bye. I find that so odd. I would hate my mom's fucking guts if she advocated against gay rights.

CIVIQS: An impressive 60% of respondents do not approve of the Senate's acquittal of Trump.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: Drew Carey's sex-therapist ex-fiancée, Amie Harwick, died this weekend, allegedly tossed from her balcony by a stalker ex-boyfriend. She had taken out a restraining order against him, but it had expired. Gareth Pursehouse, the suspect, was arrested Saturday.

THE GUARDIAN: Trump attended the weekend wedding of his vile, xenophobic henchman Stephen Miller at — where else? — Trump International Hotel. Miller is so loyal and strategic, he married a girl from Florida.

INSTAGRAM: This guy in his Walking Jacks is a walking jack!

EXTRATV: RIP Lynn Cohen, 86, Lynn-Cohen-Drama-Desk-Awards-Magda-Mags-boyculturethe amazing stage actress who wound up finding late-in-life fame as Miranda's housekeeper Magda on Sex and the City (and in both movies) and as Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I met her at a Drama Desk Awards after-party and she was so much fun, and so enjoyed the silliness of being recognized.

HUFF POST: Dems should go all-in on expanding the Supreme Court — a new poll of Independents, Democrats and Republicans in swing states reveals they're okay with the idea.

YOUTUBE: Chaka Khan decided to sing the national anthem in a nontraditional way:

OMG. BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Trixie and Katya are in their 30s: