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Mar 16 2020
5 Tips To Overcome Relationship Problems In College Comments (0)

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For many students, college is the time when they set themselves free. They are no longer under the control of their parents. They are free to love who they want to love, and date who they want to date. In fact, most gay people decide to come out in college.

But freedom and relationships lead to other problems. You and your partner will inevitably face bumps on the road. It’s the reality of all romantic relationships, and we should expect it. That’s not a disappointing fact. When you know how to approach the issues, you’ll handle them well.  

Don’t worry; we have the tips you need ...

(1) Control Your Jealousy

It’s okay if you want to be exclusive to each other. That’s what most relationships aim for. However, controlling your partner’s every move is wrong.

Jealousy has a poisonous effect on your connection. It leads to bitter feelings to one another. One side feels like the other one is not being honest, and the other side feels hyper-controlled. It’s not a good situation for anyone.

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. That’s what you need to work on. Understand why you have such feelings, and talk about your reasons. It’s a tough feeling to control, but you have to trust your partner more. If he wants to do something outside your relationship, your jealousy won’t stop them. Instead of showing obsessive and controlling attitude, try to be honest towards each other and enjoy the time you spend together. 

(2) Communicate!

If you want to build a healthy relationship, communication is essential.

When you have your doubts, talk about them. When you feel insecure, talk to your partner. But you shouldn’t just talk. You should listen, too!

Not talking about your emotions leads to a build-up, which will eventually burst. It’s best to verbalize your feelings as you go through them. That’s how you’ll avoid frustration and serious arguments.

With time and effort, you and your partner will feel more comfortable to talk to each other.

(3) Spend Time with Each Other

College is hard. You have too many classes, too many assignments, clubs and extracurriculars. You must balance your schedule, so you’ll find time to spend with your boyfriend.

If you feel overwhelmed by assignments, you can start studying together. Also, did you know that you could rely on professional writing services? They can do your essay by any deadline that you set. You can use them to get more free time and manage it in a more effective way.

Time management is a skill that you’ll have to develop during college. This relationship inspires you to do that.

(4) Keep the Spark Burning

If you just had a heated argument, but you still want to give the relationship a chance, think about the things that drew you to one another in the first place. There was something you really liked about this person, and he liked about you.

Plan a date that will remind you of that initial spark. You can go to the place where you met or you first kissed. Don’t heat up the drama; heat that spark if you still feel it burning!

(5) Find Common Interests

At first, you bonded because you felt a strong physical attraction to one another. Maybe it won’t fade away as you spend more time together. However, you still need to talk about something, right?

Talk about your interests. You’ll inevitably find a common ground on something. If you both like gaming, maybe you can join a college club together. If you both like a Netflix show, you can watch it together. If you like working out, that’s how you’ll bond on a deeper level.

Enjoy It!

College is already stressful. You think about classes, homework, and grades all the time. When you add a complicated relationship on top of everything, it gets too much.

But don’t worry. You’re young, wild and free. It’s your time to go through some bumps on the road of romance. Things are never going to be perfect. You’ll have to adjust your character, find a common grow, and work on this relationship if you want to maintain it.

Life is good right now. You may be stressed, but you can rely on your partner. Enjoy the relationship and emphasize the good things in it!

BIO: Joshua Robinson is a writer who focuses on psychology topics. He likes helping students to overcome the stress that they feel in colleges. When Joshua is not writing or reading, he spends time with his partner and their family of three dogs.