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Mar 05 2020
A Message From Charles Hix Comments (0)

Charles-hix-muscles-boyculture(Image via Ken Haak/Simon & Schuster)

Just over a year ago, I posted about the influential, aspirational, fantasy-fueled books by Charles Hix (with imagery by Ken Haak).

My Original Post Here!

In that gonzo post, I wondered aloud about where Mr. Hix might be.

Now, I'm so pleased to present you with a missive from the author himself, who contacted me today via email. He writes:

Hi, guys,

This is Charles Hix, author of Looking Good and Working Out, both published in an earlier epoch. For those of you wondering, I am still very much alive, although, at 77, not awfully lively any longer. I have most of my marbles, an expanded waistline and a receded hairline. My husband Bob and I live quietly, and very happily, in rural Connecticut. Life is good, better than I could ever have imagined when I started writing my books during a period when homophobia was rampant.

I am surprised, and deeply moved, that some of you still think fondly of my books and, by extension, of me.

I have been told that I am a trailblazer. I never saw myself that way, and I still don’t. I simply wanted to produce books I could be proud of. My subliminal mission, to the extent that I had one, was to encourage men, especially gay men, not to be encumbered by prevailing and restrictive notions of so-called masculinity. In other words: Be the best version of yourself possible.

Sorry. I’ll get off my high horse.

Thanks for your caring thoughts and kind hearts. I am moved beyond words to be remembered.

How amazing to hear from Mr. Hix. Those books really did hit the spot — and just in the ways he intended.