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Mar 26 2020
Actor Mark Blum Dies Of COVID-19 + Kathy Griffin Sick + New Ventilator Created In 10 Days + Trump Impersonator 2020 + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Blond god.

BELOW: Keep reading for the death of a Desperately Seeking Susan cast member, COVID-19 causing record unemployment, hope in the form of a new ventilator, Kathy Griffin falls ill and more ...

Mark-blum-susan-boycultureOh, my God — he was a brilliant actor. (Image via MGM/Orion)

BROADWAY WORLD. Mark Blum, veteran stage actor who was unforgettable as Gary Glass in Desperately Seeking Susan, died this week at 69 of COVID-19. Blum was a terrific actor, widely respected, and when I met him in 2010 at what now feels like the last, most complete Susan reunion, he was a prince, truly.

Desperately-seeking-susan-madonna-reunion-mark-blum-covid-19-boycultureI'm Mr. Pic-With, but this is one of my proudest pics. I love this film utterly. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

My video of him:

TWITTER: It's a very simple ad. Trump hates it, hates it to the extent of sending cease-and-desist letters. Share it everywhere:

WXIN: Jobless claims just quadrupled the previous record. #winningwithtrump Oh, and Mnuchin says these claims aren't relevant.

CNN: James Dyson designed a new ventilator in 10 days, and is committed to creating 15,000 of them to fight COVID-19.

EXTRATV: Kathy Griffin is unbearably ill, possibly with COVID-19, but can't get tested. She is using her platform to rail against Trump's provable lies.

POLITICO: The San Francisco Bay area is the nation's bellwether on social distancing.

TWITTER: He's got Trump's voice down:

NBC NEWS: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says what you probably already guessed:

We may well be in a recession.


But I would point to the difference between this and a normal recession. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with our economy. Quite the contrary. We are starting from a very strong position.

THE GUARDIAN: How COVID-19 is wrecking wedding plans.

Dua-lipa-madonna-break-my-heart-boycultureNot saying it's a direct inspiration, but maybe? (Images via Hugo Comte & Versace)

YOUTUBE: Dua Lipa's “Break My Heart” is here, with its “Another One Bites the Dust” bassline and other delish references. She's great, no?

TRUE CRIME DAILY: Lori Loughlin is still trying it.

GR8ERDAYS: Celeb b'days — follow here if you're into this sort of thing — include Miss Ross!