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Mar 10 2020
Daniel Craig's Pec Show + Trump Trashed + Biden Tells It Like It Is + Model Mania + Rugby Junk-Clutching + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He's hot, and he's funny. One more:

BELOW: Keep reading for Daniel Craig's tits, Joe Biden's temper, some great Senate news, Trump decimated and more ...

BRITISH GQ: Daniel Craig shows you his treasure trail.

Joe-biden-full-of-shit-AR-14-15-michigan-primary-boycultureIt's also full of shit to benefit from unions and consistently vote against them, Mr. Michigan Voter (Image via video still)

CNN: Joe Biden went toe-to-toe with a union worker in Michigan, who accused him of wanting to end the 2nd Amendment, calling him full of shit. And guess what? He was, in fact, full of shit.

TWITTER: Preet Bharara is spot-on in his decimation of American hoax Donald Trump.

PINK NEWS: Congrats to Scotland's first-ever single gay man to adopt a kid!

TOWLEROAD: Steve Bullock is running for the Senate in Montana, increasing Dems' odds of flipping that chamber pot. That chamber, I mean.

KENNETH IN THE (212): James McGee's ass, his abs or his face? That's a three-way tie.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Absurdly hot male models. Galore.

HUFF POST: Was Betsy DeVos linked to the work of her brother, Erik Prince, who reportedly recruited an ex-spy to infiltrate a teachers' union in Michigan? I'm guessing yes, but progressive group Accountable.US wants a solid answer.

Boyculture-nude-male-jonas-smulders_3039815And it's his butt he's showing this time ... (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Oh, he's naked.

YOUTUBE: Michael Henry is a pint-sized national treasure, and his humor gives small comfort in these trying times. The video is short:

If you have a little time after laughing about big vs. small Ds, check out Henry's take on G.

EXTRATV: Christina Aguilera had to audition to sing for Mulan.

THE RANDY REPORT: Don't grab other players' junk to make a point.

Joe-marler-alun-wyn-jones-grabbing-junk-boycultureUnsportsmanlike conduct. In porn, it works. (Image via video still)