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Mar 17 2020
His Brother, Though! + Florida Votes + Trump Bashes Governors + Music CEO With COVID-19 + BIG BROTHER: The Farewell + WESTWORLD Nudity + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Stay at home and read.

BELOW: Keep reading for JJ Watt's hot brother, a naked Westworld actor, Trump's coronavirus mishandling continues, the loss of actor Stuart Whitman and more ...

TJ-JJ-watt-BOYCULTURE-1Fraternal order: Which is cuter? (Image via Instagram Story)

KENNETH IN THE (212): When the brother is just as hot.

HUFF POST: Biggest chains in the U.S. don't even give sick leave. Floriday-primary-boyculture

MIAMI HERALD: Florida's primary is on — with more masks and hand sanitizer. I would love it if Bernie would bow out tonight so people don't have to keep voting on what is inevitable.

NYT: Cuomo, unfairly criticized by Trump, is getting high marks for his handling of the pandemic. Trump continues to trash Democratic governors, for no reason other than politics.

AXIOS: Looks like Americans could wind up getting $1,000+ checks during the pandemic. Great! But also a great way for Trump to buy back votes, which is annoying. Why is Trump suddenly reacting, after weeks of stonewalling and hoax-baiting? Might be because he read a report that 2.2 million voters (I mean, older Americans) could die in the U.S.

FORBES: Music's most powerful CEO, Lucian Grainge, is battling COVID-19 in a hospital. He is 60, and celebrated at a bash in late February attended by many A-listers, including Kris Jenner, 64. Jenner has since tested negative.

HUFF POST: Is it really okay to order takeout?


THE GUARDIAN: German Big Brother contestants are in seclusion — and producers have only now decided to tell them about the coronavirus. God, it's like The Farewell with hot people.

DAILY KOS: Using the COVID-19 scare as cover, AG Barr has dropped all charges against the Russian firms indicted by Mueller.

Jacob-demonte-finn-nude-westworld-boycultureWest? I'm more interested in the Deep South. (Image via HBO)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Jacob Demonte-Finn gets nude on Westworld.

TOWLEROAD: RuPaul is fracking.

GR8ERDAYS: Stuart Whitman, rugged leading man of the '50s and '60s, has died at 92.

Stuart-whitman-shirtless-gr8erdaysAn Old Hollywood stalwart, Whitman was a pal of Robert Mitchum's, Robert Ryan's and Jane Russell's (Image via movie still)