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Mar 22 2020
Beefcake + POSE Star's Rude Awakening + FEEL GOOD Is Great + NYC's COVID-19 Failures + Paid Sick Leave Now + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Mirror man.

BELOW: Keep reading for one hell of a hunk, Feel Good on Netflix, Cuomo scolding NYC and more ...

Clint-walker-shirtless-boyculture-gr8erdaysI'm gonna wash that hair right outta my man! (GIF via GIPHY)

GR8ERDAYS: Just a reminder that the late, great Clint Walker was a PIECE.

EXTRATV: Pose star Angelica Ross was feeling cute and posting about her new BF — then FBI Twitter did her a favor and informed her that he's engaged!

LGBTQ NATION: Trans woman shot to death in the back of an ambulance while receiving care.

THRILLIST: I really loved Mae Boyculture-feel-good-mae-martinMartin's Feel Good on Netflix. It's about a stand-up comic who isn't sure where she fits on the gender and sexual orientation spectrums, her struggle with drug abuse and her charming, complicated love for a previously straight-up straight girl. As a bonus, the Mae in the story has an ice-queen mom played by — oh, no — Lisa Kudrow. Well worth your time.

HUFF POST: Dems have blocked a huge bail-out for corporations that the Senate was trying to pass off as COVID-19 relief, and are instead crafting their own bill in the House.

GAY STAR NEWS: An LGBTQ+ ER nurse is begging gay men to stop going out and hooking up, then bragging about it. Stay the F home.

MIAMI HERALD: Florida would've been better off with Gillum and his rentboy.

NBC NEWS: Fauci comments on data that tentatively suggests a larger percentage of younger people require hospitalization over COVID-19 than previously expected, a larger percentage than needed it in China.

POLITICO: NYC is flunking the COVID-19 test, and Gov. Cuomo is giving us one day to figure out how to limit large gatherings of people. It's truly embarrassing. It's like the opposite of when 9/11 happened. People just don't care.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Loss of taste and smell could be early indicators that an otherwise asymptomatic (but infectious) carrier of COVID-19 has the virus.

TWITTER: Eric Trump is at least as stupid as his dad, who knows things:

NYT: A McDonald's worker asks why the multibillion-dollar corp refuses to foot the bill for paid sick leave: