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Mar 12 2020
Don't Be Rudy Gobert Comments (0)

Rudy-gobert-mics-utah-jazz-basketball-coronavirus-covid19-boycultureGobert, flaunting his invincibility. (Image via video still)

Rudy Gobert, a Utah Jazz player, thought it was ridiculous when his employers decided — out of an abundance of caution, as COVID-19 was spreading in the U.S. — that the press should conduct all interviews in an open area, rather than in his team's locker room.

To express his disdain for the prudent decision, he ended his presser by making a show of touching all the reporters' mics and phones that were laid out before him.

That was Monday. Two days later, on Wednesday, Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, leading to an entire arena being emptied and the rest of the NBA season being suspended until further notice.

If I were one of the reporters, I would be suing his rich ass into poverty, even though he has now apologized:

But regardles: Don't be Rudy. Don't be cocky when it comes to how real COVID-19 is, and when it comes to taking precautions.