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Mar 01 2020
Interview: Modus Vivendi's Isaac Moreno Comments (0)

Armor_Line_Lifestyle_no_logo (5)(Images by Joan Crisol for Modus Vivendi)

Isaac Moreno's eye-popping poses for Modus Vivendi's Armor line led to this fresh Q&A with the stunner ...

How does wearing Modus Vivendi make you feel?

I felt very special to work for ... a market leader, the best ... and for me, it was a dream.

Any dietary tips? What are your eating habits?

Seventy percent of my diet is without protein ... I do intermittent fasting and control my weekly calories to be dry all year round, with good aesthetics, since I also do the catwalk. I train six days a week, and of course no alcohol or many parties. Only specific dates per year.

Favorite place to travel? Modus-vivendi-boyculture

Around the world ... I love to travel, but if I have to stay with one, New York City; I like it a lot ... But hey, I love to know places and cultures, I adapt easily ... and it's something that enriches me as a person. It would be amazing to know Greece.

Do you shop online or on brick stores?


Any skin care tips?

Good nutrition! Hydrate the skin well and have a good rest ... And laugh! Be positive and seek happiness. In the long run, the body thanks you very much. And, of course, physical exercise.

What do you do for fun?

Being with my family brings me happiness and well-being, but I really enjoy walking, enjoying nature and especially the beach. I am from the Canary Islands, and I love spending the whole day lying in the sun. Also, going to dinner with my partner, going to the movies ... and going dancing on occasion.

What’s your super power?

My empathy and integrity; I strive not to break my values.

Are you on any dating app?


Are you currently in a relationship? What do you value in a partner?

Yes ... I value many things, but what else: His faithfulness, humility and understanding.