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Mar 15 2020
Long Johns Fantasy + Trump Trying To Monopolize COVID-19 Vaccine + Boris Johnson's Risky Experiment + Biden Endorses Warren, Sanders Plans + Chelsea Clinton vs. ENQUIRER & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Would the prospect of staying home with him convince you to socially distance?!

BELOW: Keep reading for hot boys, Trump trying to corner the market on a COVID-19 vaccine, Biden soaring in polls and more ...

Stas-vokman-dna-shirtless-muscles-male-model-boycultureLong johns fever (Image by Stas Vokman for DNA)

DNA: Roman Nezgovorov by Stas Vokman for DNA.

NBC NEWS: In the middle of botching his pandemic response, Trump has time to consider a full pardon for Michael Flynn.

TWITTER: Nitwit tweets images showing packed bar in downtown Nashville, unaware that the video will look like photos of Philly's pre-flu Liberty Day Parade.

TPM: Dr. Anthony Fauci says:

I would like to see a dramatic diminution of the personal interaction that we see in restaurants and in bars. Whatever it takes to do that, that’s what I'd like to see.

MOTHER JONES: Trump tried to buy exclusive rights to a coronavirus vaccine, fucking the rest of the planet.

DAILY BEAST: Boris Johnson knows up to 60% of the UK's population could get the coronavirus — and he's okay with that! He's leaving things Coronavirus-covid-19-boyculture open in order to see if widespread exposure helps them build up immunity for future waves. And this experiment directly affects the rest of the world, including the U.S., which is allowing flights in from the UK until tomorrow.

ARCGIS: Today, the total cases of COVID-19 confirmed outside of China surpassed the total number confirmed inside China. Italy: 368 people died in a day.

EXTRATV: Heidi Klum and her husband have now been tested for COVID-19.

MSNBC: Biden leads Trump by 9 in new poll. I think this is what we will see in November — if both live.

CNN: Biden endorses Warren's bankruptcy plan. He's also on board with the Sanders plan to expanded college help that Hillary endorsed in '16.

NEWNOWNEXT: Joel Kim Booser's gay Fire Island rom-com Trip is coming to Quibi.

KENNETH IN THE (212): In the same way that offering fake coronavirus cures is illegal, so should writing about them be — and kudos to Chelsea Clinton (and Charlie Savage) for putting the shitty National Enquirer on blast for doing just that.