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Mar 08 2020
Model Speak: An Interview With Modus Vivendi's Efthimis Chatziapostolou Comments (0)

Efthimis-chatziapostolou-boycultureSingle and ready to mingle — in Greek? (Images by Panos Misailidis for Modus Vivendi)

Another in a series of illuminating interviews with the men behind the gorgeous faces of the Modus Vivendi underwear lines. This time, Efthimis speaks ...


Q: What would you choose as a career other than modeling?

A: I am a personal trainer and this is what I always dreamed of. To study and learn about the way one can build a healthy body and then teach this to others. Modeling is a part-time hobby and a way to challenge myself and others around me.

Q: What’s your super power?

A: Not a super hero here … loyalty and passion for each goal is the secret power I believe in.

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Q: Any dietary tips?

A: Not any particular nutritional advice to share, apart from the commons: drinking a lot of water and not consuming too much sugar and alcohol.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I cannot call myself a party animal, but I do enjoy a lot spending time with my friends, starting with an early drink and staying outside all night long, having fun in a club sometimes.

Q: Favorite place to travel? 

A: I am not much fond of the winter holidays; mostly prefer adventures near a beach.

Q: Do you enjoy shopping and do you shop online or in brick stores?

A: I really like following fashion trends, but my way. I buy more and more online. I choose buying from brick stores only randomly and mostly when I go out for coffee and something catches my eye.

Q: Are you on any dating app?

A: I do prefer meeting people face-to-face, but honestly talking, many times I do check the social media profiles of who I meet. 

Q: Are you currently in a relationship?

A: I am single and open to private messages lol.