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Mar 26 2020
Mr. Man Pick: ALTERED CARBON Is Back — And Nakeder Than Ever Comments (0)

Mackie daddy! (All images via Mr. Man)

Based on the 2002 novel of the same name, Altered Carbon is Netflix's answer to Westworld, a big budget sci-fi series with lots and lots and lots of skin ...

Season 2 was released a few weeks ago and we are hoping it lives up to the epic nudity of Season 1. In case you forgot, in the very first episode of season one super handsome Joel Kinnaman was birthed from a sac of goo with his cock and balls hanging out. How’s that for an introduction!? Of course that’s in addition to his several ass out scenes that followed.

Then there’s James Purefoy, who was pure freaking magic walking across the room completely nude! And Edward Dalmas much? He went pantsless as hell in the season finale in just a jacket! Business on top, penis on bottom. Lastly, let’s not forget the ...

... sensational supporting shirtlessness from Will Yun Lee and Byron Mann!

We won’t give any spoilers on Season 2 but we know there will definitely be some fleshy moments from Anthony Mackie smoking hot Darien Martin. We can’t wait!