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Mar 12 2020
Mr. Man's Naked Freebie Comments (0)

MrMan-coronavirus-boyculture(Image via Mr. Man)

I promote MrMan's content from time to time because it fits with my blog's brand and because they're kind enough to pay me a small amount as an affiliate, which makes blogging a tiny bit more worth it. I'm grateful to them.

For that reason, I wanted to point out they're offering a two-week free membership with no obligation:

Mr. Skin and Mr. Man are promoting free two-week subscriptions to members of the public who are self-quarantined due to concerns over the coronavirus.

"The time to stay home with Hollywood's hottest nude celebrities is now," a company rep enthused. "With our 76,174 clips and counting — 25K on Mr. Man — we want you to reach for the hand lotion, not the hand sanitizer. After all, you need to find some use for all the extra toilet paper and tissues you stockpiled."

While the health officials recommend hand-washing for 20 seconds, notes the rep, "we have thousands of lengthy nude scenes to help get your hands dirty first. Do your part, literally, with two free weeks of nude actresses from Mr. Skin or nude actors from Mr. Man."

This offer is live in everyones account under program selection "Corona Virus Special" We will be adding banners and blogger tools shortly.

As always, if you need something custom made for your site please just let me know and we would be happy to help.

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