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Mar 13 2020
Trump Blocks Medicare For COVID-19 + Mnuchin: It's A GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY + Betty White's Okay (But Ivanka?) + Eurovision Nightmare + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Self-quaranteen.

BELOW: Keep reading for how Trump wants you to die, how Betty White is doing, more guy candy, an absurd Eurovision entry and more ...

Adrian-c-martin-shirtless-speedos-muscles-dna-boyculture(Image by Adrian C. Martin for DNA)

DNA: Mikel Roman by Adrian C. Martin for DNA.

NYT: A very helpful article on how the coronavirus affects a person's body — lungs, and beyond — with some reassuring details about why about 80% of people have relatively mild symptoms, 20% have more severe symptoms and (using China as a guide) about 2% die.

If you're a New Yorker, text COVID to 692-692 for regular NYC updates.

KTLA: Trump is blocking states from using Medicaid to help COVID-19 victims. He wants people to die — get past the incredulity.

OMG.BLOG!: Nutjob televangelist Kenneth Copeland claimed to heal his viewers of coronavirus by extending his hand toward the camera.

POLITICO: Steve Mnuchin, still our Treasury Secretary somehow, sees COVID-19 as “a great investment opportunity.”

HUFF POST: Peter Dutton, Australia's Minister for Home Affairs, has tested positive for coronavirus — days after meeting Ivanka Trump and AG William Barr in D.C.

WPTV: A man who willfully got on a flight from NYC to West Palm Beach, Florida, in spite of the fact that he was waiting for his COVID-19 test results — and who learned he tested positive right before take-off — has been banned for life from JetBlue. Seems a small price to pay, Typhoid Larry.

TWITTER: Christ, when did Justin Timberlake become so old 'n' out of touch?!

WGN: On the lighter side: Betty White is “fine” during the COVID-19 outbreak.

DLISTED: Do you ever sorta-kinda judge a celeb when their kid turns out to be a total douchebag? I definitely think less of Cindy Crawford thanks to Presley Gerber, who reeks of entitled, wanna-have-cred foolishness. His face tattoo — always a stupid thing — drew a minor ripple of negative attention, so he wrote:

Most and a lot of people can get a face lifts, change genders, lip injections, etc and it’s offensive to say anything in today’s day in age but I get a little face tattoo and now people love to hate me..Hmmmm?

Um ... first, nice to out Mom's face-lift. Second, being trans is the same as a face tattoo or lip injections? He's only 20, but still — fuck off.

POLITICO: Welp, Andrew Gillum's career is over.

YOUTUBE: Russian ... group? ... Little Big's “Uno” is the country's official Eurovision entry. A lot of stupidity going on here, from the weird (and out-of-nowhere) Latin vibe, the guy's ballroom aping and the pale white guy with black lips (an inverse of blackface?). Somebody tried hard for a “Gangnam Style”-style creation: