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Mar 13 2020
Trump Denies Knowing He Fired The U.S. Pandemic Team, Says NO, I DON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL For Test Lag Comments (0)

Trump's coronavirus (or, as he calls it, “CoronaVirus!”) presser at 3 p.m. ET was another shitstorm.

Why in the absolute fuck are the CEOs of CVS, Target, Walgreens and Walmart getting all this love at Trump's declaration of a national emergency? We want scientists ONLY.

Trump also uttered the words destined to haunt him into the fall and destined to mark his entire reign:

Yamiche Alcindor from PBS NewsHour asked Trump about the disbanding of the pandemic-response team in 2018 — and he totally denied firing them, even though he did. Played dumb: