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Apr 15 2020
Virtual Nude Party + Britney Tweets/Deletes + Michigan Right-Wingers Like COVID-19 More Than Democrats + Abrams Wants To Be Veep + Cleve Jones On HIV & COVID-19 + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: And these were the outtakes!

BELOW: Keep reading for a horny virtual nude party, Michiganders risking death for so-called liberty, Stacey Abrams campaigning for veep, Duke Mason interviewing Cleve Jones and more ...

Boyculture-adonis-nude-party-gay-shirtless-hairy-chest-strippersCalvin from Philly will take it all off. (Image via Calvin)

ADONIS PAYMENT HERE: On Adonis-nude-abs-muscles-shirtless-gayFriday, April 17, at 11 p.m. EST/8 p.m. PST, NYC's The Adonis Lounge is hosting its Virtual Nude Party #1. The livestream will include contests for Best Dick, Best Azz, Best Nude Lapdance Simulation and a Shower Show, plus interview segments, polls, Q&As, contests and more! It's $50 (cheap) and all you need to do is send that via Paypal (with your email in the message/notes section) HERE. If you can't pay via Paypal, email [email protected] and they will find a creative way to take yo' cash. I highly recommend this. The guys running it won't let you down, and it looks like the guys showing their stuff won't either.

TWITTER: If Britney Spears — who just tweeted about Justin Timberlake before hastily deleting it — doesn't put out an album called Tweet and Delete, it's a huge missed opportunity:

NYDN: Indiana Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (surprise! a Republican!) thinks we should just go back to work because $ is more important than lives. Literally.

NBC NEWS: Thousands in Michigan, my abandoned home state, clogged the roadways in Lansing (its capital) to protest Gov. Whitmer's strict stay-at-home orders. They blocked ambulances and even got out of their cars and mingled together. And I hope every goddamn one of them dies or gives it to their loved ones who die. But sadly, most will live, blithely unaware of which completely innocent people they're killing. It's a state that has been severely hit by COVID-19, but they're framing it as a liberty issue. I guess it is more properly a right-to-die issue.

ELLE: Oh, it's getting good — Stacey Abrams sounds like she really wants to get that Biden call, saying:

Yes. I would be honored. I would be an excellent running mate. I have the capacity to attract voters by motivating typically ignored communities. I have a strong history of executive and management experience in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. I’ve spent 25 years in independent study of foreign policy. I am ready to help advance an agenda of restoring America’s place in the world. If I am selected, I am prepared and excited to serve.

YOUTUBE: Duke Mason welcomes iconic gay activist Cleve Jones, author of When We Rise, to Duke's Download for a wide-ranging conversation, including comparing the COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS crises:

ABC NEWS: New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern has announced that she and her Cabinet and public service chief execs will all take 20% pay cuts due to the COVID-19 crisis:

As we acknowledge New Zealanders who are reliant on wage subsidies, taking pay cuts, and losing their jobs as a result of Covid-19’s global pandemic, we feel acutely the struggle that many New Zealanders are feeling.

HUFF POST: Fauci says the daily COVID-19 briefings are draining time-suckers.

WEBMD: Dispelling myths about the novel coronavirus, involving whether you should nuke your takeout, if alcohol helps and more.

DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS: The bad kind of deep cuts for Billboard — jobs slashed.

Kimmy-schmidt-tituss-burgess-boycultureThe show's Fred (L) and Ethel (R) (Image via Netflix)

NETFLIX: On May 12, Netflix will unveil the interactive (!) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend. I can't wait! I shouldn't have to.

GR8ERDAYS: 13 Silent Era actors you'd definitely love to have slept with. Plus, no talking to ruin things!

George-o-brien-silent-shirtless-boycultureGeorge O'Brien, stacked from 100 years back (Images via movie stills)