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Apr 18 2020
Tattoo Ooooh! + Trans Turncoat + Gay-Bash Victims Receive Support + Trumper Calls COVID-19 Protesters ROSA PARKS + Luke Evans's Pits + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Freud rage.

BELOW: Keep reading for a tattooed giant, a trans Tokyo Rose, gay-bashed men welcomed back at the scene of the crime, Trump's attempts at insurrection and more ...

Yakiboy-nude-boycultureHe works out. (Image via Instagram)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): I know, I know — a lot of you hate tattoos. But, I mean, isn't there something intriguing about seeing this ink blot fully nude?

Boyculture-underarms-shirless-glossWe've been social distancing long enough for magazines to have cover stories on it. (Image via Gloss)

KENNETH IN THE (212): A weekly gathering of gay magazines.

Moussa-sofia-talouni-morocco-trans-anti-gay-boycultureLGBTQ Hunger Games (Image via screen grab)

PINK NEWS: Some human beings aren't.

Case in point: Trans influencer Naofal Moussa aka Sofia Talouni of Morocco who — in spite of unfairly being considered a freak by a large percentage of the planet — is paying that forward by attacking gay men. She actually encouraged straight women to download gay apps and out gay men in their areas because any form of same-sex intimacy is illegal in Morocco — and can get you three years in the clink.

Hopefully, she will be the one hunted down and murdered before gay men are. Whatever horrible things have happened to her to make her this evil is not of interest to me. The die has been cast; she has made life unsafe for every gay man in her already-unsafe country. What an absolute black hole of empathy she is, unlike the vast majority of trans people.

INSTAGRAM: The I Will Meet Madonna guy still hasn't met her, but he was met with anti-gay violence in Amsterdam by a 15-year-old kid who, with a group, insulted and then assaulted him and his boyfriend, saying gay people had no place in Amsterdam (okayyyy ...) and deserved to get cancer and die. Now, Fabio and his partner have returned to the scene of the crime.

FANATICS: Madonna has joined the All-In Challenge to help provide food to hose in need, including kids, the elderly and frontline heroes, during the COVID-19 crisis.

HUFF POST: Trump is secretly funneling $15,000 per month — each — to his sons' cum receptacles, Lara Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle. The moolah is spurting into their accounts via campaign manager Bradley Parscale through his own company to skirt campaign finance rules:

“I can pay them however I want to pay them,” Parscale told HuffPost on Friday, but then declined to comment any further.

Critics of the arrangement, including Republicans, said the setup was designed to get around Federal Election Commission rules that require campaigns, political parties and other committees to disclose their spending in detail.

“A lot of people close to Donald Trump are getting rich off of his campaign,” said Paul Ryan, a campaign finance legal expert at the watchdog group Common Cause. “They don’t want donors to know that they’re getting rich. Because, at the end of the day, it’s donor money.”

THE HILL: If shit like this doesn't motivate you to vote for Joe Biden, even as a placeholder, nothing ever will: Economist Stephen Moore, who is on Trump's kangaroo council to re-open the U.S., has repeatedly compared the yokels brandishing Confederate flags and DON'T TREAD ON ME snakewear in Michigan, Minnesota and elsewhere to ... ROSA PARKS.

NYT: Experts say the U.S. must triple testing before re-opening.

TWITTER: Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman is aggressively criticizing Trump — but almost no current elected GOP officials will do it:

TWITTER: Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is so fuckin' stupid he has left much of his state wide open to COVID-19, including opening the beaches. And he can't even put on a mask properly:

EXTRATV: How sad that the Talking Kitty Cat guy, Steve Cash, took his own life. Just a few months ago, he had come out to fans as bipolar. His videos were hilarious:

SOCIALITE LIFE: All the sexpots of Instagram this week ...