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Apr 05 2020
Did A COVID-19 Conspiracy Theorist Drop Dead Of The Virus? Comments (0)

It's hard to verify, but seems legit, that Houston resident Karen Kolb Sehlke — who on March 14 was posting that COVID-19 was some kind of socialist hoax — died April 2.

The thread I'm sharing contains a GoFundMe that initially IDed her cause of death as the coronavirus, but that later became more vague, as if to keep the money flowing, and then was closed.

Over $35,000 was raised for her husband and kids.

There is also a screengrab of a supposed friend of Karen's — yes, her name was Karen — complaining about a friend not taking COVID-19 seriously, and a post that is claimed to be by her mother-in-law.

Tragic for her kids if true. Her husband was, at last report, in an ICU.