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Apr 14 2020
Downtown Punk Style Fixture Jimmy Webb Dies @ 62 Comments (0)

Jimmy-webb-boyculture-Trash-and-VaudevilleWebb (Image via Trash and Vaudeville/Eagle's Cry)

Jimmy Webb, the ubiquitous downtown New Yorker who was a fixture at the East Village style den Trash and Vaudeville until 2016, and later at his own I Need More, died of cancer on April 14.

Scooter-laforge-jimmy-webb-boyculture(Image by Scooter LaForge)

He was 62.

Skid Row's Sebastian Bach tweeted:

Jimmy Webb was a great friend of mine. I bought every pair of Cuban heeled boots that I wore from 1987 – 2011 at Trash & Vaudeville from Jimmy. Rest in peace brother we will miss you. You came from the time of true rock and roll.

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