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Apr 04 2020
RIP Skrebneski + Biden Making Moves + Kemp Re-Opens GA's Beaches (?!) + CALL THEM BY THEIR NAME + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Ain't we all!

BELOW: Death of a photographic genius, new Natalie Wood doc, Trump & Kemp duke it out for Douche of the Day honors (Trump wins), Robert Downey Jr. is 55 and fuckable and more ...

Victor-skrebneski-boycultureHis work thrilled me when I moved to Chicago in 1987. (Image via book cover)

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: RIP Victor Skrebneski, the amazing Chicago photographer, who has died of cancer at Boyculture-natalie-wood-gr8erdays-movies-770x40090.

GR8ERDAYS: Dying to see this Natalie Wood doc!

POLITICO: Biden tells Sanders he's moving ahead with VP and Cabinet picks.

YAHOO! NEWS: Gov. Brian Kemp has opened Georgia's beaches (!) one day after his statewide stay-at-home order.

LGBTQ NATION: Franklin Graham's ghastly tent city in Central Park, NYC, is meant to help sick COVID-19 patients ... but it's religion-based and they demand that volunteers accept anti-gay tenets! Franklin claims no one will be discriminated against, but a gay man has said he was turned away.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Not all pharmacists are angels during the COVID-19 crisis.

HUFF POST: Trump is already pushing to open the country by August. Fauci disagrees.

DLISTED: Along with Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons is also having a bit of a COVID-19-era comeback. Remotely.

PEOPLE: John Finlay — the toothless third husband of Tiger King star Joe Exotic — thinks Shia LaBeouf or Channing Tatum should play him in a film adaptation.

GR8ERDAYS: So many big stars born today — including Robert Downey Jr., who's been famous for over 35 years!

BOSGUY: When dudes put their hands down their pants ...

TOWLEROAD: The Call Me by Your Name sequel is ... a go!

Giphy-1Yesss! (GIF via GIPHY)