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Apr 08 2020
Linda Tripp Dies @ 70 Less Than A Week After Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Comments (0)

Linda-tripp-cnn-boyculture“If I'm not a team player — whose team? Whose team?” (Image via CNN)

Linda Tripp, the villain of the Clinton impeachment scandal — until the press decided, decades later, that maybe Clinton was the heavy all along — has died suddenly following a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

She was 70.

Tripp secretly recorded private conversations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, who was having an emotionally draining affair with Clinton. Once an investigation was underway, including forcing Lewinsky to testify against the President, Lewinsky famously ended her grand jury testimony with, “I hate Linda Tripp.”

Today, Lewinsky — older and wise — took a mature and empathetic approach to news of Tripp's illness, posting:

Pretty incredible, but expected from an anti-bullying advocate.

Here is Tripp speaking at a whistleblowers event in 2018, still defending her actions, which remain unpopular to this day: