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Apr 07 2020
Madonna's Full BLOND AMBITION Unleashed — 30 Years Later Comments (0)

Encyclopedia-madonnica-boyculture-Il Venderdi 90 copy(Image via Il Venerdi di Repubblica)

A little late to this, but only 7,000 or so views, so not impossibly late: A YouTuber who apparently was sitting on an entire pro-shot Blond Ambition Tour video for nearly 30 years uploaded it April 4.

Watching, it is undeniable proof that what Madonna fans have long said was never hyperbole — Madonna was at the top of her game with this concert, and she clearly (with the help of her team, especially choreographer Vincent Paterson) invented the modern touring template.

She also sounds fantastic (“Causing a Commotion”!) as this wasn't 100 years into the tour.

Is it any wonder she didn't tour in a major, regular way for so long after achieving perfection? Watch ...