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Apr 06 2020
Model Chatter: Leonel Segall Comments (0)

Leonel-segall-modus-vivendi-boyculture(Image by Gastohn Barrios for Modus Vivendi)

A quick Q&A with Modus Vivendi hottie Leonel Segal (who you've seen a LOT of HERE) ...

Q: What do you do in order to stay energetic and happy during the quarantine?

A: I think about returning to normal daily life, I take advantage of free time to think about new artistic concepts and projects.

Q: Can you think of anything that might work positively during the period we stay home?

A: Of course, finishing pending or projects that we could not do due to lack of time, doing online courses, etc. ...

Q: How do you work out at home? Routine, videos, FaceTime with your trainer?

A: I do 100% functional exercises. I work with the weight of my body and in a more dynamic way than I am used to in the gym.

Q: Staying home can make us eat more than usual. Any tips to avoid gaining weight?

A: Hydrating well is a good way to calm anxiety. Eating foods high in protein helps not to gain too much weight, since if they train, that protein eliminates itself from the body.

Q: Favorite uplifting movies, series or music?

A: Movies: Diamond in the Rough. Favorite series: Game of Thrones. Favorite music: Coldplay.

Q: What do you do to stay connected with others?

A: I constantly use social networks to be in contact with friends, family and work.

Q: How do you dream of the first day after quarantine, what will be the first thing you will do?

A: Running to hug family and friends, something that quarantine has taught us throughout this process.

Q: What’s your life motto?

A: Self-improvement.

Q: Who or what inspires you?

A: The people who act following their hearts.

Q: Are you currently seeing someone? What do you value in a partner?

A: Yes, I am. The indispensable value that a person must have is honesty and loyalty.