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Apr 20 2020
Quarantine Hardbodies (How?!) + Novak Djokovic: Anti-Vaxxer + Ryan Murphy Goes To HOLLYWOOD + NYC Pride Canceled + RIP Peter Beard + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The definition of definition.

BELOW: Keep reading for the cancellation of NYC Pride, COVID-19 heroes and zeroes, Ryan Murphy goes to Hollywood, incredible bodies and more ...

Vinicius-scapin-felipe-cordeiro-shirtless-gay-boycultureQuarantine never looked so good. (Image by Felipe Cordeiro for Made in Brazil)

MADE IN BRAZIL: Come to his window ...

Cameron-henricy-shirtless-boycultureAin't it the pits? (Image via Instagram @cameronnhenricy_)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Cameron Henricy and other tennis pros strut their stuff. (Speaking of tennis pros, cross Novak Djokovic off your list — he's one of those idiot anti-vaxxers.)

SAM CLAFLIN SHIRTLESS 2-boycultureI believe him. (Image via Instagram)

MEN GALORE: You can smell this dude from the pic. Best ass-crack tease ever. Sam Claflin's abs.

Hollywood-nude-shirtless-tv-ryan-murphy-boycultureThe requisite you-must-pose-for-private-nudes scene (Image via Netflix)

OMG.BLOG!: The Ryan Murphy series Hollywood looks like a gay Quentin Tarantino fantasy about what if Hollywood in the '50s had featured people of color and openly gay actors in the mix. I am made queasy by the trend of reimagining the past. I wonder if at some point younger people will just think this stuff is all true, rather than social commentary on the actual ugly truth? Maybe it should be called Hollywould? (Murphy seems to swallow up Scotty Bowers's story for part of his, BTW.)

REUTERS: Neiman Marcus is bankrupt. (Donald Trump is morally bankrupt.)

POLITICO: Facebook is shutting down anti-quarantine groups.

TOWLEROAD: Three right-wing gun-nut brothers — Ben, Chris and Aaron Dorr — are behind those anti-quarantine protests.

JOE.MY.GOD.: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Boyculture-gay-pride-matthew-rettenmundhas canceled all June events, including LGBTQ Pride. I'm on board. Look, it sucks, but we had an amazing, special Pride just last year. It'll keep. He said:

It’s not a happy announcement, but it’s one we have to make. And look, a lot of these events will be postponed. I think the fact that they’re postponing now is actually going to help us get to that point later in the year where things can open up and be better.

New York City Pride responded:

While this pandemic prevents us from coming together to march, it will in no waystop us from celebrating the indelible contributions that the LGBTIA+ community has made to New York City or from recommitting ourselves to the fight for equal rights.

More here.

April-17th-1965-Frank-Kameny-Leads-First-Homosexual-Protest-At-The-White-House-boycultureThis took guts. The original influencers. (Image via Back2Stonewall)

BACK2STONEWALL: We won't have a physical Pride celebration, so flash back 55 years ago this week to the first-ever gay-rights protest at the White House.

EXTRATV: Peter Beard, the legendary wildlife photographer who was once married to Cheryl Tiegs — and whose own escapades with prostitutes and famous faces made him tabloid fodder — was found dead 19 days after wandering away from his home, the victim of dementia. He was 82.

HUFF POST: This woman should be hunted down and shamed for the rest of her goddamned life for trying to shame this healthcare worker who was counterprotesting the insane anti-quarantine protest.

Conversely, this woman should be found and handed a fuckin' medal: