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Apr 10 2020
Note From Pedro: Director Angry With Madonna 30 Years Later Over Rights, Wrongs Comments (0)

Pedro-almodovar-madonna-truth-or-dare-spain-boycultureProbably my favorite Madonna look of all time (Image via Panorama)

The other day, I posted a link to Pedro Almodóvar's dishy pandemic diary about his 1990 party, immortalized in Truth or Dare, at which Madonna attempted to turn Antonio Banderas's head.

It's a very short segment in the film — two minutes — but it shows Madonna, full of herself, thinking she can have Antonio, only to be shot down by his lack of interest and the fact, unbeknownst to her, that he was married at the time to a Spanish actress. It's a class self-serve in an iconic film.

The great director himself comes off well, and his profile, already on the rise, was further raised.

In the full translation of the diary, here, I was shocked that he points out her team never sought permission to shoot or to exploit the footage, which from a rights standpoint is surprising; he is correct in writing that she would have sued him for the opposite.

But I was taken aback by the cold, vindictive tone in his report, which might have come off as more fun and dishy had he not insisted on calling it a settling of scores (!!! 30 years later? after multiple friendly meetings with her since?) and claiming he felt Madonna had treated everyone like “simpletons.”

Madonna has consistently raved about Pedro as an artist; I hardly think she has ever seen him as a simpleton. She was in full brat mode in 1990, as the film documents, but good God, I'm truly gobsmacked that he took this so personally and decided that during a pandemic was the time to call her out.

Very disappointing, and more fodder for literal hobgoblins like Roger Friedman, who should live under a bridge somewhere, and the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Pedro said in 2013:

I have to thank her always. In 1989 when Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown was nominated and it was really favored to get the Oscar but we didn’t get it, she was so nice. We didn’t know each other at the moment. At 9 in the morning the following day, she called to invite me to have lunch, and also, she was shooting Dick Tracy, so she invited me to the studio.

I went. Also I met Warren Beatty. It was one of my wet dreams when I was a boy. When I discovered I was gay, I saw Splendor in the Grass, and he was so incredibly nice also with me, Warren … we made a tour, and she showed me everything. That was really a nice detail gesture, because she didn’t need to do that, for someone who had failed the night before. It’s not that I felt like a failure, she didn’t’ care at all either…

Ever since then, I see her once or twice a year, and I have very pleasant memories with her. I think with me one of the things that happens is that she doesn’t behave as a star. She wears no makeup. We go to the movies. She gets to practice, if you like, the best of being herself with me.

Her response to Pedro's body slam: