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Apr 08 2020
Shawn Mayotte Announces Double Memoirs Comments (0)

Shawn-mayotte-after-hours-naked-unashamed-gay-porn-boycultureNot naked, but getting there! (Image via Shawn Mayotte)

Shawn Mayotte was an early-'80s gay-porn shooting star — he didn't make many movies, but he posed for lots of shooters.

He also had private arrangements with some very famous faces.

Now, he's announcing not one but two upcoming memoirs, and has revealed the sexy cover of one: Shawn Mayotte After Hours: Naked & Unashamed.

This one will be more kiss-and-tell, while another memoir (out within a month of the first) will be meatier self-reflection. Both promise to contain impossible-to-get-anywhere-else remembrances of how AIDS decimated the porn industry, what life was like on the street as a sex worker during that era and a point of view on how to survive tragedy, including sexual abuse, addiction and more.

I'll post more info on how to order when it's available.