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Apr 02 2020
Hairy Hottie + Andy Cohen Grills Dillon Passage + Whoopi vs. Bernie + Patti LuPone Goes Full Norma Desmond + Fauci Threats + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Man-dscape.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hairy hottie, Andy Cohen grilling Dillon Passage from Tiger King, Patti LuPone's quarantine Norma Desmond moment, NYC's COVID-19 crisis ...

Stavros-christodoulou-model-shirtless-hairy-chest-boycultureHair today ... (Image by Stavros Christodoulou for DNA)

DNA: Check out Stavros Christodoulou's shots of Manuel Modestou for DNA.

RADIO ANDY: Andy Cohen chats up 24-year-old Dillon Passage, one of Tiger King subject Joe Exotic's husband, about his bizarre marriage to the absolutely crazy felon. (Please don't tell me you think Exotic was railroaded or is some kind of hero; he's an insane narcissist and stalker, never mind Carole Baskin.)

Dillon-passage-joe-exotic-tiger-king-radio-andy-cohen-boycultureMay-December of the following year romance (Image via Netflix)

YOUTUBE: Whoopi Goldberg gets tough on Bernie Sanders, asking what his path to victory is, wants to know why he's still in the race:

NYDN: An NYC ER doc kicked cancer, only to die six days into a COVID-19 battle. RIP Dr. Frank Gabrin, 60, who died in his husband's arms.

WOW REPORT: Patti LuPone got bored, Patti-lupone-sunset-boulevard-covid-19-coronavirus-boyculturedonned Norma Desmond drag!

NYDN: Gov. Cuomo thinks up to 16,000 New Yorkers will die of COVID-19 — more than eight times the number who already have. We're also down to less than a week's worth of ventilators, a claim Trump continues to blow off.

POLITICO: Dr. Fauci, one of the pandemic's few voices of reason, has been getting threats from right-wingers, will receive security. Let that sink in.

HUFF POST: This week's unemployment claims — 6.6 million — doubled the previous record.

Which was set last week.

EXTRATV: Emmy and Grammy winner Adam Schlesinger, of Fountains of Wayne and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fame, has died at 52 of COVID-19.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Watch a wrestler disrobe.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: I do not get the toilet paper craze, but Carol Burnett predicted how important tissue issues are.

GR8ERDAYS: Larry David's COVID-19 PSA should curb your enthusiasm for going out of your fucking domicile. Plus: Belinda Carlisle, Ron Wood, Heaven 17 and the 104-year-old man who lived through the 1918 flu pandemic and just cleared COVID-19.

Larry-david-belinda-carlisle-gr8erdaysStay home, schlemiels! (Images via HBO, video still & Heaven 17)