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Apr 14 2020
Gay Love Circa 1949 + Steve Grand's Jockstrap Workout + Chris Cuomo Goes Off + Good Biden Polls + RIP Mazeppa + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Instagram peek-a-booty.

BELOW: Keep reading for lifeguards in love, hydroxychloroquine questions, Trump the King of Us All, Steve Grand's jockstrap workout and more ...

Buzz-tommy-gay-lifeguards-boycultureLots of things look gayer than they were, but this is pretty gay. (Image via Reddit)

REDDIT: Were Buzz and Tommy lovers?

TPM: Ugh, Chris Cuomo — the virus is in your brain!

NYT: Trump is now proclaiming himself, effectively, a king, saying he has complete and total power to decide when states re-open for business (which isn't even what we're talking about; states are not businesses). Governors disagree.

Steve-grand-workout-grand-axis-underwear-shirtless-jockstrap-boycultureFresca?! (Image via Instagram @grandaxis)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Steve Grand is working out in underwear — and a jockstrap — to promote his Grand Axis brand.

SALON: Sen. BOYCULTURE-wyndham-latham-coronavirus-wgn-tcd-820x430Susan Collins (R-Maine) sees her approval rating tank; race now is a toss-up.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: Wyndham Latham, accused gay thrill killer, wants out of prison to help with COVID-19.

NEWSWEEK: Just under 7 months out, Biden looks good in the key states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. So far!

YOUTUBE: Rita Wilson, who kicked COVID-19 as a cancer survivor, is pretty down on hydroxychloroquine, saying she doesn't know if that drug worked — but does know that it gave her extreme side effects:

GR8ERDAYS: Faith Dane, who was the brassy (get it?) Mazeppa in the legendary “You Gotta Have a Gimmick” number in Gypsy (1959 Broadway and 1962 film versions), died April 7 at 96. I had no idea she had spent the last 35+ years as a political agitator, mayoral candidate and arts advocate. If you don't enjoy the following, why bother?:

TELEGRAPH: In case you did not know, a lot of gay erotic and romance fiction is actually targeted at ... straight women.

GrotesqueRealisticDuiker-size_restrictedBoys in the Blond (GIF via GIPHY)

ATTITUDE: All but one of Madonna's surviving Blond Ambition dancers reminisces about the tour: JoséCarlton — where's Luis??? — SlamOliver — Kevin.

THE GUARDIAN: Lil Nas X says:

I 100% want to represent the LGBT community.

GiphyRepresent! (GIF via GIPHY)