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Apr 26 2020
South African Lust + J. August Richards On Coming Out + Birx Covers For Trump + Brad Pitt Plays Fauci + Trans Turncoat In Morocco + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Towel boy.

BELOW: Keep reading for gay South African lust, Pitt as Fauci, Birx gives Trump cover, the end of double-spacing as we know it and more ...

Moffie-gay-movie-boycultureKai Luke Brummer of Moffie (Image via Attitude)

ATTITUDE: New drama Moffie captures gay longing in apartheid-era South Africa.

Gay-movie-southafrica-ryan-de-villiersmoffie-1The director of Moffie (anti-gay slang) wanted to make a film that was not safe.

THE VERGE: If you're still double-spacing, you're wrong.

Eugene-robinson-douglas-brinkley-cavernous-stupidity-boycultureEugene Robinson & Douglas Brinkley, who know — in context — how dumb Trump is. (Image via MSNBC)

MSNBC: Presidential scholar Douglas Brinkley says there has been nothing like Trump's “cavernous stupidity” in presidential history.

THE GRIO: Actor J. August Richards, who plays a gay dad on TV's Council of Dads, came out as gay this week. In the discussion above, he talks about his decision to be open about his sexual orientation, and about the “pressure and responsibility” of playing a black, gay, professional who is a dad on network TV.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Big boy, little Speedo.

BOYCULTURE-naoufal-moussa-940x529She's concerned about pronouns — and destroying people's lives. (Image via video still)

NYT: Trans Moroccan YouTuber Naoufal Moussa or Sofia Talouni has been on a rage-filled campaign to forcibly out gay men in her country, where being gay is illegal. She apparently did this in response to a single insult about her own sexual orientation, tied to her gender ID. She is a monster, and I hope someone takes her out; she has endangered scores of gay men, many of whom were outed at her direction and, during a pandemic, put out of their homes.

LAIST: In 90-degree weather — in spite of a pandemic — tens of thousands flocked to Huntington Beach in California, most not in masks, almost none practicing any sense of social distancing.

GR8ERDAYS: Tony Bennett NEVER quits.

MSNBC: Look, Dr. Birx is a propagandist witch — she is not a good person. End of story.

POLITICO: Now even Democratic governors are jonesing to re-open, no matter the cost to human life. Fauci wants testing to DOUBLE before this shit starts, Gov. Polis.

EXTRATV: SNL takes Fauci's side (in other words, the side of science) with Brad Pitt as the Brooklyn immunologist:

Boyculture-saturday-night-live-cold-open-trump-brad-pitt-snl-fauci-nbc-510x600Anti-bleach blond (Image via NBC)

ABC NEWS: Could the COVID-19 pandemic be the thing that topples the FDA's ludicrous, anti-gay blood ban?