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May 11 2020
COVIDIOTS: A Tale Of Two Pandemics Comments (0)

Andrew-gillum-escort-boycultureAbs-olutely careless (Image via Facebook)

We truly live in two separate worlds.

In one, people are wearing masks, practicing social distancing and in general attempting to avoid getting or giving a potentially very uncomfortable, potentially chronic and sometimes fatal disease.

In another, people are saying “fuck it!” and attending slutty birthday parties with zero social distancing, like Travis Dyson, the gay escort ā€” a former nurse! ā€” found with an ODed Andrew Gillum recently did:

But so as not to demonize people for relatively small gatherings, or to make it seem like gay men are at the forefront of COVID-19 denialism, there's C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock, Colorado, which not only opened wide for Mother's Day without masks, gloves or social distancing, but also demanded ā€” via signage ā€” that all patrons eschew any safety measures:

The odd thing to me is not that people are tiring of being vigilant, or that they're feeling the pain of a suspended economy, but that so many are choosing to blatantly disregard simple, easy-to-follow health measures. Your line in the sand is this? Then why is it okay for the government to mandate ANY safety measures? If you're laughing in the face of a rampant virus in a restaurant setting, why do you want your table cleaned off? Why do you want servers to wash their hands after taking a crap?

It's all the same!